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Actionable Tools to Navigate Change

3-month actionable Change Management Program for C-1 leaders at Deezer to tackle challenges and align units and leaders to unlock organizational synergy. 

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Create and deliver a leadership development program to help leaders navigate uncertainty related to organizational change, tailored to the Deezer context.


Three months of programming with activities every two weeks to create a space for constant learning, application, and reflection.


- Comprehensive change management skills
- Actionable change management toolkit and a standardized approach to change management across the leadership team


In 2021, the Deezer team faced a large reorganization process, leading to organizational optimizations but also uncertainty related to organizational changes. In early 2022, Deezer decided to support C-1 level leaders with powerful change management skills.


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The program focused on 3 main topics: awareness of what exactly is changing in the organization, the change management strategy, and change communication. In response to this need, we embarked on the co-creating process with the Deezer team to design a streamlined digital experience that combines learning and collaboration formats, taking into account the time constraints Deezer's C-1 leaders faced. 


“With this program, we wanted to support and equip them with actionable and concrete tools that will help them empower and navigate their teams ….. and keep them engaged during current and future changes. Another goal was to implement a Deezer approach to change all over the company to make sure we all speak the same language.
  • Daniela Heckmeier, Learning & Development Manager @ Deezer



A Change Management Program tailored to Deezer’s context and challenges

A successful change initiative relies on more than just one-time training and creates space for application and reflection. Our program comprised follow-up programming with activities every two weeks, alternating between masterclasses, peer coaching, and co-development, to maximize outcomes and keep learning momentum among leaders.


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By leveraging feedback and continuously improving the program, we ensured that the training resonated with the Deezer participants and addressed their specific needs and challenges.


“Overall feedback was very positive; our participants were very happy with the way the program was presented and facilitated by BIA. We used constructive feedback after the first program to refine the program for the second group. Thanks to BIA for being eager to continuously improve the program.”
  • Daniela Heckmeier, Learning & Development Manager @ Deezer



#1: Enhanced Change Management Skills

Participants were equipped with the skills to identify and address the challenges associated with change, proactively mitigate risks, and effectively communicate with and engage stakeholders throughout the process.


“The training has helped ensure that I have good fundamentals for change management and am keeping all of the most important factors in mind as we move forward.”
  • Patrick Dunford, Customer Care Director @ Deezer


The training program's emphasis on practical application ensured that participants not only gained theoretical knowledge but also had the opportunity to immediately implement what they learned. This approach allowed them to witness firsthand the positive impact of applying the learned strategies and techniques.


“Participating in the training has been extremely helpful. I am currently overseeing a significant change within my department and have been able to directly apply much of the theory and practical exercises that we covered with good results.”
  • Patrick Dunford, Customer Care Director @ Deezer


Through the training, participants gained insights into building effective communication strategies and skills. They were also able to equip themselves with the knowledge of what changed during the program, which created an awareness among them to address future resistance and overcome challenges.


#2: Alignment on Change Management Approach &  Actionable Toolkit

The BIA x Deezer Program provided leaders with a collaborative space to come together and address real-life challenges that the organization faced. This enabled them to work as a team, especially during the peer coaching sessions and the co-development workshops. This acted as a catalyst to foster alignment and teamwork.


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These sessions enabled reflection, support, and co-creation of processes and templates, strengthening leadership alignment. The program's emphasis on actionable templates and a change management toolkit equipped participants to navigate challenges beyond the program's duration.


#3: A Standardized Approach to Change Management across Leadership Cohorts

The program created momentum within the leadership circle to establish a unified approach to navigating change at Deezer. This led to participants gaining a common language and tools to navigate change consistently. The training program provided a shared understanding, fostering a cohesive and unified mindset for approaching change initiatives.


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Participants learned to apply a structured framework to assess, plan, and execute change initiatives, ensuring consistency in approach and minimizing the risk of fragmented efforts. This standardized approach promoted clarity, transparency, and accountability, fostering a culture where change was embraced as a collective effort.


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