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Meet cohort #1 of the BIA ClimateX Accelerator

We are delighted to introduce you to our first cohort of startups participating in the ClimateX Accelerator program in 2023-2024!

This startup accelerator is a program for ambitious entrepreneurs working in the fields of Climate TechSmart City, and Urban Innovation — addressing the most pressing climate challenges the world is facing today.

Meet the startups

  • axon is bridging capital with impactful forest protection. Axon empowers businesses to offset their environmental impact by supporting the climate resilience of local forests. Through their platform, businesses can transparently and verifiably connect with forest owners across Europe. By streamlining the communication of green claims, Axon is reshaping trust in environmental compensation.

  • Alpaka Climate is on a mission to empower cities and municipalities on their journey to net zero, transforming the landscape of urban climate action with innovative software solutions. Starting with a comprehensive assessment of a city’s emission status, Alpaka Climate’s software facilitates detailed emissions accounting, transparent tracking of progress, and the efficient planning and implementation of tailored projects to lower emissions. With Alpaka Climate, municipalities can readily access a wealth of knowledge and best practices, ensuring that every step towards net zero is informed, effective, and geared towards tangible emission reductions.
  • Benthos is at the forefront of coral restoration, providing a service that merges a data intelligence platform with the creation of tailored artificial reefs. Addressing the looming extinction of coral reefs, vital ecosystems that support a quarter of marine life, Benthos offers a comprehensive solution to ecotourism resorts and government institutions, enhancing the ocean's ability to sequester carbon and playing a vital role in atmospheric CO2 reduction.
  • Bonocart is elevating purpose-driven commerce in an era where consumers are gravitating towards brands that champion positive environmental and social impacts. Their AI-powered platform enables DTC brands to launch and manage social impact campaigns with ease, promoting sustainable practices and products, and indirectly fostering climate-positive actions and a reduction in carbon footprints.
  • Climate Guardians are amplifying collective climate action by transforming individual environmental concerns into impactful advocacy. Their platform enables users to send potent climate appeals to decision-makers in minutes, aiming to instigate systemic changes that will lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions on a broad scale.
  • ONVAYO is accelerating the decarbonization of residential heating amidst the critical issue of gas and oil-powered home heating systems contributing 11% of carbon emissions in the EU. Their digital platform simplifies the heat pump installation process by managing various aspects, allowing installers to focus on their primary role, and is paving the way for a sustainable future in housing by aiming to eliminate GHG emissions from homes.
  • OUTZIP is reshaping tourism with a sustainable lens by offering tailored outdoor gear rentals and connecting local shops to a wider audience through their innovative platform. Their mission is to redefine tourism with a convenient, circular rental model, reducing the need for individual ownership and production of outdoor equipment, thereby minimizing the associated carbon footprint and waste.

  • verdant is a groundbreaking biodiversity intelligence platform that seamlessly connects landowners, financial institutions, and ecologists in the Global South, driving transparent and equitable biodiversity investments. By utilizing AI and Web3, Verdant revolutionizes conservation, slashing costs, democratizing access, and promoting nature-positive production practices that are pivotal for maintaining a balanced global carbon cycle.


Make sure to check our startup, corporate, and community program of the BIA Hubs. We’re always looking for inspiring collaborators!

This project is supported by funds from the European Union (European Social Fund) and the State of Berlin.