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Startup Stories All Things Urban

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Our interview series Startup Stories features founders from our Future Health and Future City Accelerators. This edition showcases Anastasia Sukhoroslova and Regina Schröter, co-founders of All Things Urban.


Introducing the ultimate platform for urban innovators

What are you working on?

All Things Urban is the ultimate career platform for city innovators worldwide. We connect over 65.000 active community members to the best career opportunities to solve global urban challenges.


What is your killer value proposition and who are you building it for?

By 2045, the world’s urban population will increase by 1.5 times to 6 billion. With such urbanization and a growing number of specialized urban innovation jobs, companies struggle to find the right job candidates. At the same time, professionals have a hard time navigating this constantly changing job market. Neither of them had a dedicated niche career platform to connect. 

All Things Urban’s platform provides organizations with a shortcut to our specialized community of more than 65,000 active members worldwide. It allows employers to reach thousands of urban innovators and promote their jobs and career growth opportunities among a unique pool of highly motivated and qualified talent.

The current validated MVP already demonstrates excellent results. People apply to jobs via our platform daily and we have hundreds of registered organizations using All Things Urban for their hiring needs.


Why does this matter, and why are you the right team to drive this forward?

The team at All Things Urban has worked in the field of urban innovation for many years and has experienced the pains and hidden pitfalls of the industry firsthand. Anastasia’s background is in strategic communications consultancy for urban development projects, global city networks, think tanks, urban design firms in Germany and beyond. Regina comes from an urban mobility background and gained industry knowledge in leading companies, such as Volkswagen or Deutsche Bahn (German Railways). Together, we provide the relevant skills and expertise to build the best career platform in the market niche that we know inside out.


What is on your plate for the next 6 months?

In the next 6 months, our main priority is to bring the validated MVP to the next level. With thousands of registered users and unique data collected via hundreds of job uploads, All Things Urban plans to build a more sophisticated platform with data-driven personalized suggestions and a matching tool that will cater to the needs of both organizations and professionals and allow our startup to access new markets.

We are also actively working on new community engagement formats, such as cohort learning programs and networking sessions, to help professionals navigate the career market faster and more easily. For this, we are already collaborating with leading companies and education institutions, like the IE School of Architecture and Design or EIT Urban Mobility Academy supported by the European Union, and are actively looking for more partner organisations and universities to collaborate with. Feel free to reach out to us at if you are part of the team that wants to access a unique pool of highly motivated and qualified talent.


Share with the audience a particular moment that inspired you during the Future City Accelerator.

Being part of the Future City Accelerator provides plenty of opportunities to build new strategic connections and directly speak with leading startup teams and business innovators in Berlin and beyond. Fireside chats and one-on-one sessions with professional coaches and successful entrepreneurs are an important source of inspiration and motivation to move forward and pursue goals despite the difficulties and uncertainty of the founders’ journey.


Would you like to share anything else? 

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