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Empowering heat pump installers to drive the energy revolution forward

Get to know the startup that's providing easy and secure data collection, planning, and installation of heat pumps, autarc 🔧.


What are you working on?

We enable installers to securely and easily generate the needed insights to install heat pumps. 


What is your killer value proposition and who are you building it for?

autarc enables heat pump installers to easily and securely capture all the necessary data for a successful installation of heat pumps, while also providing transparent and reliable calculations based on DIN norms.

We are building a platform for heat pump installers and installation companies, as well as property owners who are interested in transitioning to more sustainable and cost-effective energy systems. By offering a streamlined installation process and reliable calculations, we aim to make it easier for installers and property owners to adopt the new technology of heat pumps and transition away from traditional oil and gas-based heating systems.


Why does this matter, and why are you the right team to drive this forward?

The transition to more sustainable and efficient energy systems is crucial for reducing our impact on the environment and combating climate change. Heating and cooling systems are major contributors to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and transitioning to more sustainable alternatives like heat pumps can significantly reduce both.

However, the installation process for these systems can often be complex and time-consuming, which can be a barrier for many property owners and installation companies. By providing a platform that streamlines the installation process and offers reliable calculations, autarc enables traditional installation companies to be part of the energy transition.

Our team is driven and well-connected in the HVAC industry. As such we are able to adapt to new regulations and implement customer feedback faster than our competition.


What is on your plate for the next 6 months?

We launched our data capturing and analysis software in the last month and are currently developing it further together with our first customers. In the next months we want to launch our mobile app as well as a subsidy application feature. Our next priorities are:

– Onboard +50 paying customer on our platform

– Channel the first subsidy applications

– Ideate and develop an end-customer portal


Share with the audience a particular moment that inspired you during the Future City Accelerator.

The most inspiring moment for us was the last cohort day. We realized how far all of the teams in our cohort have come and how we all turned our bold and visionary ideas into products with very tangible impacts of all kinds. 


Would you like to share anything else? 

We have recently launched our new website. Visit and tell your local installation company about us.


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