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Gleans Co-founders Max Schollum and Andreas Sohns

The personal Content Hub empowering thought leaders

Introducing Gleans, the personal content hub that's changing the game. 💡 Co-founders Max Schollum and Andreas Sohns tell us how they are empowering thought leaders, innovators, and early-stage founders to take control of their digital content universe.


What are you working on?

We’re building Gleans, your Personal Content Hub designed to make saving, sharing, and organizing all types of online content an effortless experience.


What is your killer value proposition/product feature and who are you building it for?

Our vision with Gleans is to empower users to take control of their digital content universe. With a single click, you can create format-agnostic collections and thoughtfully structure your ideas in a beautiful way. Our platform is tailor-made for thought leaders, innovators, and early-stage founders who care about their personal brand and want to share their insights with the world.


Why does this matter and why are you the right person to drive this forward?

Both of us have strong backgrounds as founders in different industries. Andreas co-founded and managed the AI-powered fintech Clinc+ featuring Europe’s fastest bank account signup. He is known for his expertise in crafting deep design & growth-driven experiences and customer-focused products. Max has a proven track record of growing and scaling brands. He previously founded effy, an organization bringing entrepreneurship to schools, that scaled to three countries, and built the operations as the first employee of the unicorn-startup JOKR. Together, we possess the perfect blend of product intuition, customer empathy, and brand-building prowess required to make Gleans a resounding success.


What is on your plate for the next 6 months?

Gleans is testing the current version with a multitude of users, to create a product people love. Over the next 6 months, our primary focus is on improving the user experience and addressing any issues or feedback that arise during this phase. We want to ensure that Gleans is not only user-friendly but also adds value to our users’ lives. One of our big milestones is to release the full version of Gleans to the public, with all the features and functionalities that we envision. 


Share with the audience a particular moment that inspired you in the Future Health Accelerator. 

The Future Health Accelerator (FHA) really was a great help through a variety of engaging workshops and interactions with experienced mentors, all while collaborating with other ambitious entrepreneurs. Their knowledge, support, and energy helped us grow and tackle challenges while developing Gleans, creating a truly charming and collaborative atmosphere.


What do you want our audience to know or do?

We invite our audience to join Gleans as beta testers! If you’re eager to proactively support our ongoing development, we’d love to offer you early access and premium features in return. Join our beta testers and become a vital part of the journey:


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