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Startup Stories kunsttell

Find inner peace through Art: Kunsttell Meditation App

This edition of our Startup Stories series features Dasha Ivnitsky, founder of kunsttell🎨, and her incredible app that combines meditation and art appreciation.


What are you working on?

An app with meditations on the world’s greatest art. Scientifically proven effects after the first meditation, bite-sized facts about art, and visual stimulation to help you focus easier.


What is your killer value proposition and who are you building it for?

Today, millions of people use mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, to reduce stress and feel happier. kunsttell takes mindfulness to a new level by combining meditation techniques with mindful art viewing.

Contemplating and engaging with the arts has been a source of joy for humans for thousands of years. Today, it has been scientifically proven that looking at paintings helps reduce stress. kunsttell combines mindfulness techniques with the healing power of the arts, thus helping people feel happier and less stressed while enjoying the world’s greatest art online.

Previously available only in selected fine art museums, mindful art-viewing has now become available to everyone online. Working together with certified professionals in well-being and the arts, we are building kunsttell, an easy-to-use app that helps you reduce stress while enjoying and discovering art online.


Why does this matter, and why are you the right team to drive this forward?

Our team is a unique combination of art, business, and mindfulness expertise. 

Dasha is an art marketing strategist and ambassador for slow art viewing. She used to work as head of marketing in a major art museum. Stas is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and art lover with 10+ years in business strategy. 

Our meditations are created by Dr. Christina Bradstreet, an art historian, and author working at the National Gallery, London. She is the leading expert on art and mindfulness.

We have scientific advisors from Austria who are some of the best scientists in the world who study how art affects brains. We also have a certified mindfulness teacher from the US who has been teaching for 20 years.


What is the next big milestone you have to reach?

Last summer we launched our MVP, and our users and partners from Germany, Austria, the UK, and the US loved it. 

Thanks to the Future Health Accelerator program we got the first funding to build a no-code app beta. Our plan is to attract the first users and then fundraise €350k to scale fast.


Share with the audience a particular moment that inspired you during the Future Health Accelerator.

The most inspiring moments are those when we meet on Cohort days with other founders to share our progress so far. I love to see how projects are developing and changing.


Would you like to share anything else? 

Our app will be launched for beta users soon! 

So if you want to improve your mental health while discovering art online, join our waiting list and we will notify you when our app is available:


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